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  1. First I had a voodoo3 video card, it worked fine with my old ATI TV Wonder VE, and I could use virtual dub without any problem at all.

    Due to the poor quality of ATI TV Wonder VE, I biught a ATI All-In-Wonder 128 Pro today. Since it's video card, so I replaced it from my voodoo3 video card. So the program is whenever I run virtual dub(1.3 and 1.4) and click on "capture avi", it gives me an error as "BtVid: Failure loading VxD driver"

    But still I can capture video from the software provided by ATI. Please help, thanks.
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  2. you need VFW captrure drivers, while the 4.12.7078 drivers and MMC 7.1 you're using are WDM directshow only. you have two options. either install 4.12.6292 drivers from ATI's site, which work in either mode, AND MMC 6.3 (part of the capture driver is in there), or you must install the WDM->VFW wrapper (basically a format converter) which will lower the performance a little in VFW mode. to do this, i think you can install WebTV then uninstall it in win98/ME, or search the forums for how to do it directly. (we've answered this a hundered times, it should be easy to locate)

    good luck
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  3. Thanks for your reply. I look thru this forum for solution for my problem. But since I'm a newbie, so I'm pretty hard to understand all the technical terms. I installed the wrapper I got from , but still don't work.
    Then I uninstall the 4.12.7078 drivers and MMC 7.1. Then installed only 4.12.6292 driver with no MMC at all. But I still couldn't use virtual dub.

    I know you guys have discussed about this many times, but I just can't understand. I just need a solution for how to fix this and don't have to understand how it works.

    Thanks for reading.
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