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  1. Deciding which one to yank out. Any advantage to having a DVD Rom with a DVD R/W? Prefer keeping the CD R/W installed since wife is used to using it, but if there are major advantages to using DVD rom with DVD r/w, then I will pull it.

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    The only thing i can think of is if your into ripping dvd's the dvd writer probably wont be able to rip as fast as your dvd-rom. The cd-rw also may be faster at burning cd's then the dvd-rw drive.

    Its all personnel choice

    hope that helps
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  3. I agree w/ 87path.

    When I put in my Sony 500a I initially kept my CD-R/W in but found that rip speeds were 1/2 of what they were with the DVD-ROM on the 500a. I took out the CD burner and put the DVD-ROM back in.
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  4. Put dvd rom or dvd writer in firewire or usb 2.0 external case. Then you can burn dvd disc at disc to disc mode. do this only if you have firewire or usb 2.0.
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