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  1. I have the Sylvania DVL100C and before I get started, I am a n00b at this. I tried the Panasonic Encoder 2.5 and it worked great. I burned off a few testers. One in PAL and one in NTSC just in case but my blasted DVD player gives me disk error. I tried them in my computer dvd player (LG 16X DRD-8160B) and it worked flawlessly with Power DVD. Even came up saying that panasonic encoded it. If it is my craptastic DVD stand alone player that is the problem...could you give me some advice. I have the option of returning it for another model. Spent 80 bucks. Any reccomendations on another DVD player if that is the only option around 100 bucks?
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  2. Do you happen to have the hacking code for this DVD. So I can record to my VCR?
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    Unfortunately, it looks like your DVD player probably does not support VCD. I checked the DVD Players section this website, and there was no listing for it. Sylvania's website redirects to the Funai website. It looks like Funai makes the DVL100C for Sylvania. On the Funai webpage for the DVL100C( it makes no mention of supporting VCD. Furthermore, the DVD players section this webside only has three Funai DVD players listed and two of the three do not support VCD.
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  4. Well thank you for a reply...I saw in there that VCD is supported on the Sylvania I'm gonna try and pick that up in exchange and see if it truely does support vcd...thanx
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