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  1. Hi there,

    I copied the MPEG data from the VCDs to my hard disk now i wanted to burn a VCD using the data i have problems making the CD, as i cannot recreate the other folders adn more importantly files.

    Any assistance will be appreciated.
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  2. Guest
    If you simply copy the files and burn them like regular files then it won't play prperly. If you want to make a copy of a VCD you need ro make an image file of it, and then burn the image file. You know how to do that?
    What programs you use/have?

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  3. hi there,
    thanks for replying to my querry, see what i did was i copied the ASVEQ01.DAT file on the Hard disk.

    and use the Windows Media player to view the file.
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  4. Guest
    If you have the VCD then best thing would be to just do a copy from CD to cd directly, that would be the easyest thing.

    If you don't have the original VCD then this is what you should do:
    Start VCDeasy, go to 'Tools' and then to 'MPEG Tools'.
    Convert your file using Cdxa2mpeg (bottom of teh screen).
    Then add the file in VCD easy and burn... Should work with no problmem.

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