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  1. Guest

    I have just made a small program that, at least for me, helps creating VCD stills with audio. I was wondering if, in case of interest, somone could help me test it...

    There are down sides however:
    1) Some manual work is needed for the operation...
    2) It's actually a DOS based program (with all that involves it, like only short file names etc.), but on win2k it runs with no problem...
    3) You need TMPGEnc

    Just today, for example, I have made a VCD with over 60min of video and, with the help of my program, also added stills with a total of 130min stereo audio, all on a 80min CD with no overburning! 8)

    So in case of interest, reply here and I'll see how I can send it to you or something....

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  2. Hi,

    Could you send me the program. I will try to merge my stills with some mp3 and burn to a vcd and try. Send me details of the process.


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  3. Guest
    OK, if you realize the limitations then contact me at: and I will send you the program with a text description.

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  4. Guest
    Please note: I am no longer giving this program, from now on I am developting it only for my personal use. So please don't e-mail me requesting for the program.
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