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  1. i am looking for a cheap video card and really know nothing about this stuff these are the cards i am looking at

    Asus V7100 Pro, GeForce2 MX400, 32MB SDR, AGP 4X, Pure, Retail
    same card with TV out

    i want to be able to watch T.V. on my computer monitor because i am moving into a small dorm at high school and dont have room for tv and also would like to kill two birds with one stone when i buy comp.

    so what should i do? should i \buy two seperate cards the vid card listed above and some capture card?? i only have very basic knowlegde on this stuff!

    or should i get a combo card and if so which one?? anywebsites or other recommendations are greatly appreciated! thanks
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  2. just buy a simple tv card like the pinnacle rave tv for about 30$ next to your video card.
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