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    STAR TREK TNG GUIDE - DVD to DVD-R using DVD Decrypter,Tmpeg,PowerDVD,Vobedit,and SpruceUp (Two episodes per disk)

    1.) Create a directory call it "Next Generation"

    2.) Create a sub-directory for each episode on the DVD -i.e.
    \04-A Fistful of Datas

    3.) Open DVD Decrypter in IFO mode. It will show all four episodes as individual movies.

    4.) Highligt the first movie and navigate to the directory you created in step 2.)

    5.) In settings change file splitting to none.

    6.) Rip the episode,your directory will contain one ifo file and one VOB file.

    7.) Repeat step 6.) for each episode.

    8.) Open Tmpeg and then Mpeg Tools
    Select "Demultiplex" and open the first episode,you'll need to change to all files to see the VOB.
    Double click the video stream,Tmpeg will set the filename,click Run,repeat for the ac3 audio stream.

    9.) Repeat step 8.) for each episode.

    10.) Open DVD Decrypter in file mode and rip the first VOB to a directory on your HD. Not sure of it's name,
    but it is the first VOB on the disk.

    11.) Open VOBEDIT and open the VOB created in step 10.)
    Use Demux and Demux into "cells"
    The individual cells contain the first play sequence and all the other menu screens.
    Open each cell in your software player,PowerDVD,etc.
    Locate the firstplay sequence and demux that VOB the same way you demuxed the episodes.
    It can now be imorted into SpruceUp as the firstplay.

    12.) Play each cell in PowerDVD,and find the episode introduction menu.
    Still frame the menu in PowerDVD and use it's capture button to capture the menu as a BMP.
    I then use a program called Irfanview to "blackout" part the menu so I can fill in
    text in SpruceUp.

    13.) Move the BMP of the menu into SpruseUp's background directoy,it's now available to use as a
    background in SpruceUp.

    14.) Open SpruceUp and locate the TNG menu in the background library,doubleclick it open it in
    SpruceUp's window.

    15.) Now select a play button for each episode,two of them
    Type in the episode name.

    16.) Switch to SpruceUp's movie panel and right click to select your "movie"
    Select the .m2v for first play movie,click O.K. and Spruce will import the .m2v and .ac3
    Drag the first play movie to the first menu panel at the bottom of the screen.
    The menu will move over the next menu panel.

    17.) Right click the movie panel and select the .m2v for the first episode,Sruce will import it.

    18.) Repeat step 17.) for the second episode.

    19.) Drag each movie to the button and text you created in step 15.)

    20.) Switch to simulation mode and verify that your first play and episodes are playing correctly.

    21.) Switch to Export mode and "complile" to SpruceUp's default working directory.
    It will create a VIDEO_TS directory and all the files needed to create the DVD-R.

    22.) Burn with Nero in UDF/ISO mode.

    This guide is intended only to point you in right direction. Many modification's to this are possible.
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  2. Will this work for the original series too?
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    TOS series are on single layer disks with the exception disk #40. They can be ripped to your HD in file mode in DVD Decrypter or backup mode in Smartripper. The ripped file are less than 4.37GB's and can be burned as is to DVD-R without any need to encode.
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  4. Hint: go to and save the synopsis of each episode into HTML to include on your discs!

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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  5. Great stuff! - is chaptering included too?
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