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  1. i have a question to ask....i tried to do a vcd in my dvd player and i got a no disk message.i know my player plays vcd's because my friend's cousin let him use a movie and we watched i doing somthing wrong?i did it by the guide step by step.i looked my player up and it says i can only use cdr-w disk.and i'm ok with that but what gets me is i talked with my friends cousin and he says he only uses cdr i have to be doing something wrong right?!
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  2. It's difficult to give you a straight answer as I don't know you're DVD model, but from what you are saying, I am guessing you are a Sony user, and Sony DVD's have lots of problems regarding CDR media and they work better (most of the time!) with a CDRW media, I suggest you look up your DVD model on the list on the site and see what other users have to say regarding it's compatibility.
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