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  1. I need to make DVD copies of a large number of VHS movies and tv shows, and play them back on a notebook computer DVD-ROM. What is the best format and recorder for me?

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  2. you might try sonic my dvd which all you do is import you movies and then it burns to dvd. you will prob have to rencode though for a whole movie to fit. also you might try ulead dvd moviefactory but it only accepts mpegs
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  3. I want to use a stand-alone DVD recorder.
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  4. Anyone of the standalone DVD recorders will do (ie, Panasonic E30, HS2, Pioneer 7000 or Philips 985). Burn your movie/show on +R or -R disc for best compatibility. Get one with a built-in HDD like the Panasonic HS2 for greatest flexibility.
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