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  1. Hello,

    I think I have a simple question that I could not find an answer for in the forums. I have a copy of ice age on my hard drive, an empty audio_ts folder and a video_ts folder containing the important files. The movie works fine. When I try to burn it to a DVD+RW with recordnow max 4.5 via data disc it just will not work. I tried fooling around with some of the options but still no luck. I keep getting a bad disc message everytime. When I leave the audio_ts and video_ts in the Ice Age folder and burn the whole folder it works fine but its not recognized as a DVD. Any ideas.

    Jarod John
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    Get Nero, and that can burn your video_ts and audio_ts folders correctly or look for a thing on your program to burn dvd video and don't do it as a data cd. Another thing is look for a setting on your program to change the file system to UDF. I believe DVD data uses the ISO9660 like cd's to burn data and dvd video uses a udf filesystem
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  3. A good free tool to burn ur VIDEO_TS folders is IMGTOOL

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  4. I vote for imgtool. Nero seems to be a bit of a crap shoot as to being compatible with DVD players. The same source files written to a DVD using Nero do not work while they work when imgtool is used to create an image. I have tried the different procedures for the file system, etc. and Nero still does not work with my Pioneer player.
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