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  1. ok i'm getting there and could use a little assistance, after converting the file with Tirna the video frame rate is 1.156 but the audio is perfect at 19.95 or something , now i followed instructions to get them to sync , but i had no luck , because after i did that the video played around 1.5 times faster than the audio <rough estimate> but all of the frames are running there very smoothly

    how can i fix this so finally this can be over with

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  2. You'll probably need to back up a step and tr syncing again if it didn't sync properly. Not sure what instructions you followed, but here's the method that works for me... I've never had a probelm syncing AVI's produced with Tinra this way, but I almost always have to sync them...

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  3. yea i tried that no luck at all , thats why i made the message thanks for the reply
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