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  1. I am going to need to get a separate player soon to make copies of the DVD-Rs I am making on my DMR-HS2. What players are compatible with the DMR-HS2? Will I run into any problems if I get a Panasonic player?

    The reason I ask is I had two Panasonic VCRs hooked up to edit VHS tapes (ones I recorded myself). The picture was distorted as though they were copywritten. When I replaced one of the VCRs with a Sony, the problem went away. I don't want to run into that problem making DVD copies.

    Any help is appreciated. I'd like to stay under $150.

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  2. well the only DVD player I know that will allow you to make backup copies of encrypted DVD's is the Sampo 631cf, with a very simple CD-R firmware upgrade and frys still sells this out of print DVD player for $149.
    I use one on my DMR-E20 and the backups look great. The built in compact flash card reader is great to dump off your digital picture to DVD also.
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  3. I thought that you could use any DVD PLayer that plays DVD-Rs. I'm just thinking that you hook it up much the same as you would hook a VDR up to the DMR-HS2 to transfer VHS tapes. As long as there isn't any copyright protection which there wouldn't be since they are my own discs.

    Am I wrong in thinking I can use any player?

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  4. the dmr-hs2 does not record ANY kind of copy protection onto the disc it makes. i use this in conjunction with my pc dvd burner as well. HOWEVER like you already have seen if you try to record anything with copy protection the machien will see it. this includes copying films from the machiens hard drive back onto video.
    the panasonic dvd recorders are slightly incompatible with older dvd players. i have an older pioneer 606d and that has problems playing the disc (freezes). i tired them in other machines with no problems
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