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    Hi. I have read many of the messages/guides here with enthusiasm and recently tried to try DV capture. I am using a P3/450, 128mb ram, 20GBHD, ATI AIW 8mb, SB live. I installed my firewire card with no problems, and hooked it up to my DV camcorder (JVC). I get to control the camcorder through the computer (play/pause etc), but do not see any image from my DV tape on the screen of my computer. i can see and hear the tape playback through the camera viewfinder, but i only capture "snow". I have tried adjusting any and all setting on my camera and in ULEAD media studio pro 6 which i am using with no success. Any help or advice whatsoever will be most appreciated. Thank you.
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    Sometimes, it's the chip on the Firewire card. The best chips are the Lucent and TI. If it's something else, return it. There are quite reported problems with other chipsets.
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