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  1. I'm thinking of getting a DMR30. The sales people at my local store (a national retailer) could not answer my questions. My goal is copy my vhs tapes to dvd and record tv shows without recording to vhs first. But I need the ability to pause during recording to create clean edits.

    Here are my questions:

    1. with the DMR30, is it recording to dvd in real time? If so, can I stop recording and record some more later untill dvd blank disc is near full and then finalize?

    2. with the DMR30, how long can I pause during recording? (When I'm copying my vhs tapes I may need up to ten minutes skipping and searching for video on my vhs tapes I don't want.)

    3. with the DMR30, is the pause during recording nearly instant? And when I press record after pausing does is there a delay or does recording start nearly instantly (like vcr's do)? I want to skip commercials and not see the beginning of them too. I want to hit pause right in the split second black moment when a segment ends and avoid seeing any of the commercial and press record the moment the show starts up again.

    4. with the DMR30 I assume it creates a chapter every time I hit pause during recording?

    5. If so, can I give chapters title names or are they just numbered buttons with no titles?

    6. During playback of my homemade dvd, does it play each chapter one after another with no stop (I want this) or does it return to the menu?

    7. Once my home made dvd is finalized how do I copy it for archive? Can the DMR30 copy my homemade dvd's?

    Thanks for your help,
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  2. mikejf,

    1) Yes. Yes (note: DVD-RAM doesn't need finalization).

    4) No. When the DVD-R is finalized, chapter marks are automatically inserted by the recorder every 5 mins. Titles (called programs) are created whenever you press the record button.

    5) Yes. Up to 64 chars can be entered for DVD-RAM and 44 for DVD-R.

    7) Use another DVD player to playback your homemade DVD and use the E30 to record it.

    Hope that helps.

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  3. You can also use a Computer DVD burner to copy your DVD-R also, best if the finalized disc is not completely full.
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    I also use a DVD burnner to make CLONE copies, DVD to DVD using a DVD-ROM, DVD burnner and NERO. Works great for me, better than I expected even. You will get better quality using a DVD-ROM adn burnner than using a standalone DVD player to mek copies on your E-30. Also worth noting that even with my 1x DVD burnner I can copy a full DVD in 1 hour (more like 56minutes/full DVD), even if I used the 2, 4 or 6 hrs mode on the E-30.

    Try making an IDENTICAL CLONE of a VHS tape with another VHS VCR?

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