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  1. I have an mpg that seems to meet the vcd requirements for my Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4 player, since it passes the checklist. But before I can do anything, I get an error that reads "filename.mpg: The input multimedia file is not a Video CD ('White Book') compatible MPEG stream." O.o;; What the hell does this mean, and how would I go about fixing it? Thanks for the help. ^.~
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    At this point, maybe easier to choose NERO? You didn't spend too much on EZCD 4 did you?

    I made my first "compliant" VCD using this same program, and it worked, but I get this slowdown effect with it ( see )

    Since then I made all my VCD's with NERO. And, they are all NON-COMPLIANT. They work fine! I think it's probably a 90% chance at least that it's the change in burning programs, since all play OK on my computer.
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  3. I downloaded the program, but it freezes on me every time I try to burn the VCD. Doesn't even *start* to burn!
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