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  1. Has any one tried to copy a DVD-R Recorded on the Panosionic DMR30, tried several was but copied DVD wont play on Unit or PC - Any Ideas
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  2. How did you copy the DVD-R disc?
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  3. I have the E20 and I has used 2 different softwares to copy DVD-R over to DVD+R's on my HP Burner.

    DVD2DVDR and DVD x Copy.

    As long as I keep the DVD-R from the E20 under 2 hours, or not fill the disc up completely.
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    I have a Panasonic E-30 and made dozens of copies with no problems or coasters, so far on cheap Princo media ($1 ea) . I have copied DVD's recorded in 2, 4 and 6 hrs modes, some full and some not full.

    I have a computer with a old Creative DVD-ROM and a DVD-R/ram burnner. I simply pop in the DVD-R from teh E-30 into the DVD-ROM, a DVD-R blank in the burnner and slect copy in NERO.

    My burnner is an older 1x model, takes near 1 hr to copy a full DVD-R reguardless of the record mode. i can copy DVD with 6hrs of video on it in ONE hour flat! Try that with a pair of VHS decks, not to mention the copy is a clone not a degraded generation tape.

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