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  1. I am amazed at how easy VCD is to use and setup.

    BUT, when playing back the burned image on a DVD player the motion is choppy or start/stop. Its like alternating between hitting the pause and play button when its playing.

    I am doing this on a fast AMD 1ghz 256k Ram, 15gigHD (7gig free) with no other apps running so I don't see what the problem is. Also, HP 8200 CD Writer.

    Anybody know?
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  2. woops sorry , i didn't know there was a playback forum.
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  3. Hi there from a fellow-dvd to vcd fan.

    Various of things can cause choppy playback:
    Most commonly is bitrate settings that are too high, out of specs.
    ea: VCD must be cbr of 1150 and audio 224
    If you change that, it will play choppy. On cvd and svcd, remain max under 2520kbs.
    If you use 3:2 PULLDOWN IT CAN ALSO CREATE CHOOPY and jerkiness.
    Ensure your dvd player supports the format you are trying toplay

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