When i try to burn my movie to a cd-rw i keep coming up with a ERROR that my cd-rw isnt empty, when it is. Its a bran new one.

Does anyone know what this all means?
this is from the Log window.

[CDRDAO Disk Info]
Cdrdao version 1.1.7
1,0,0: TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2102 Rev: 1316
Using driver: Toshiba CD-ROM Reader - Version 0.1 (options 0x10000)
That data below may not reflect the real status of the inserted medium
if a simulation run was performed before. Reload the medium in this case.
CD-RW: n/a
Total Capacity: n/a
CD-R medium: n/a
Recording Speed: n/a
CD-R empty: no

[CDRDAO Write]
WARNING: During writing you should avoid to open the Windows Explorer and similar tools
WARNING: CDRDAO does not lock the recording device so that all access action from the Explorer will lead to a failure of the recording process.
Error: An empty disk is required

Thanks for any info.