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  1. It wont let me open any avi's in TmpGenc, it says it cant be opened, or unsupported,I have windows me.Please help out a newbie on this.I new to dvd ripping so please help me out.
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  2. I can input the sound but no video,why?
    I downloaded the codec and installed but still same problem.
    Please someone HELP!!!!!!!!!!!Does it have something to do with the D2v file?My TmpGenc wont recegnise at all????????
    Sorry for being a pain .......thanks.
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    Did you download and install the VFAPI plugin for TMPGEnc correctly?

    Maybe you should try it again.
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  4. when you clicked on the browse button to find the d2v file make sure you have the file type as d2v. ect..( where it lists the file types it can open)i know when i first went to use tmpgenc i was not using that file type so i had to scroll down to find that file type and then it loaded fine.
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  5. As it turns out I didnt install the VFAPI plugin for TMPGEnc
    correctly.Now that I have,it works!
    Thanks for your help.
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