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  1. I have tried so many things to no avail. I have captured in moviestar using the default vcd settings and my Sony DV-360 plays the vcd with green blocks flashing all over the place. It plays fine on my pc with vcd softare. I have tried everything from splitting and rejoining the files and it still plays the same. The only way I can make it play properly is to run it through an encoder. why is this? I thought that the mpg dazzle creates is supposed to be vcd compliant. I don't want to have to go through hours of encoding with Tmpegnc to get a compliant vcd. What is wrong?
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    The problem is actually your DVD Player. Sony as a few other well-known brands only like pure DVD's and VCD's (if that even). Unfortunately your player is very fussy about what it gets. I think you will find that even encoding the finished DVCII VCD stream with TMPGEnc might not work. I have found out that this problem can usually be avoided by using the Panasonic MPEG Encoder. Download the trial version and do a 1 miniute segment of your captured stream.

    I know its not exactly what you want, but then again - why did you buy a Sony?
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  3. Try using a CDRW.
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  4. To be honest, when I bought the DVD player I had no idea that I would get into creating vcd's. I bought it purely for watching dvd's. Then I thought, well maybe I can put all of my video's on vcd and get rid of the tapes... So, maybe I should pickup an inexpensive unit that will play svcd and vcd. Thanks for the input...
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  5. Hi All,
    In my case, I converted all my VHS tapes using SVCD template of DVCII to SVCD on CD-R Disks. But I was not able to play them on my TOSHIBA (twin disk DVD player). When I verified the Toshiba manual (I have bought this unit more than a year ago), it clearly says that the unit cannot play CD-R or CD-RW or SVCD. It seems only the latest model support such features.

    Finally, I purchased an inexpensive PHILIPS S110 VCD player, which can play CD-R,CD-RW,SVCD and MP3 and now I am able to burn VCD or SVCD or MP3.

    So, you may have to look at the sony manual and check this up,whether it can support CD-R VCDs. If it supports then you may try with sony services too.

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