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  1. I bought some no name DVD-RW media for my new A05 Pioneer, and no one is working.
    I belive I supose to erase, or format before to use.

    I was trying with Nero, Roxio, Instant Writer supply with my A05, no one has succed.
    I was able to write small programs on that, but with large programs I got errors.

    So, my question is if is something arround us to be able to fix some how like bad sectors, or format better, maybe in this way I will have more luck.

    BTW, the media come with A05 works excelent, so my driver is ok.

    Thanks a lot
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  2. DVD-R is write-once live CD-R. Get DVD-RW for rewriting.
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  3. Sorry, of course you right !
    I made a mistake, I was thinking about DVD-RW and wrote DVD-R.

    So, I talked about DVD-RW !!!!


    I will correct in my original subject.
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  4. Bad media. It seems, that 105 is bit more picky than good ole 104, but some cheap RW disks just refuse to be written after certain point. Trying different burning engines (like trying different versions of Nero) can still help.
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