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    TRUE War Story,

    I purchased Cool Edit 200 directly from the company via credit card after downloading the demo version. When I unlocked the program with the KEY I paid for, it deleted all MY work! on a aduio forum others were also ahving problems similar to mine. I had well documented my problem and posted what I had found and experienced to help other customes. The company owner/president PUBLICLY ACCUSED me of priating HIS program. Thing got real HOT! I ended up PROVING with transaction information of my credit card charge and proved I had paid for the software. The oiwner/president of Sybtrullium finally admited they DID ahve a record of my purchase, BUT, he refused to apoplogize or in any way confirm I was a LEGAL user/customer and had me banned from the forum.

    DIRTY tactics to say the least.

    HERE it gets INTERESTING! A little research showed that the owner appeared to have himself STOLEN/PRIATED via shady at best legal tactics the software he was marketing comercially and protecting vigirously from the real author. They ahd many problems and delays trying to update the software since HE nor his company had created the software in the first place and were NOT on favorable terms with the real author.

    I had once many years ago authroed a computer software program. I submitted it to a magazine for publishing. They in turn gave my program to one of theirFRIENDS who also was BIG advertisers who modified the program a tiny bit and THEIR version WAS published istead of mine. I had planted a tell-tale bug in the program. The published contained my littel tell-tale bug in it. Not only that it was in fact MY program with a single code change requiring the user to execute the program twice to complete the graphic printing of a single screen. Heck the priated program even had my exact demo and test paterns. Had the magazine been hones and agreed to publish my program I had the version w/o the planted bug ready to forward them upon agreement to publish.

    As a victim of COMERCIAL PRIATING by a socalled LEGIT business I know what it is like to be on both sides.

    JD tinkerer pushin' 60,

    A real Life Enemy of the State, see Fed case #01-40080, Detroit.

    Computers, Electronics, vintage Audio, Photography Film/digital/3D, N-Scale RR, ,

    AKA the "Infamouse Joe Walker" ,Join the Navy & see (1/2) the world.
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  2. Re: issues of liability (Nelson37)

    I think the real concern here is keeping this forum's signal
    to noise ratio high. There are plenty of warez forums for
    those so inclined to discuss their hacking hobbies - this
    is not one of them.

    By registering to post we all have agreed to abide by the following:

    If you think someone has posted against the rules or the spirit
    of the AUP then please report them.
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  3. Haven't read whole thread - just the very start and today's additions essentially, but wanted to make a quick comment on
    I fail to see how anything downloaded from a p2p programme is anything but illegal.
    Wrong ... I am pseudo-part of another community where people now are discovering a TV show that went off the air 6 years ago. Others are in regions of the world where the reruns are not available. They beg for episodes thru Kazaa, etc. They have also begged for the companies involved to release the show on VHS or DVD, willing to pay the exhorbitant prices that would be charged. [First season minus 2 eps was released on VHS at insane price and bought by many -- with the promise of the rest of the series, now renegged]. So p2p not necessarily illegal.

    I too believe in fair use, but as one currently involved in a major court suite for $$ and credit dealing with intellectual property 'stolen' from us by a major 'legit' company (not computer tech related), I too wind up with very mixed emotions. It's not just recording artists who are robbed by their promotion companies.

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  4. With alot of products, its the publishers fault that the product it being pirated for not making it available to the public. I really like this anime artist Hayao Miyazaki (Pricess Mononoke). When I found out that he was releasing a new movie (Spirited Away in this case), I went directly to to see if I could buy it. I then found out that the US release was not due out for a year and a half later, a big disipointment for me. I was ready to pay for it, they just didn't make it available. I am a very anti-pirate kind of guy, being a musician, I do believe that the author should be paid for his work, but there was no other way to see the movie other than to wait. In the end I did find a official Region 2 release on Ebay with tons of special features (Bad ass interviews),so I didn't have to download it of p2p (crap quality, it was one of those cams, bitrate of about 100kbps). But then I ended up having to buy a DVD Player that was Region Free (hackable) just to play it. That made me very mad at the MPAA or CCA or whoever made up regions. I think that the whole region codes thing is making pirating more alive. If they released the movies over here, then there wouldn't be 50,000 bootleg DVDs on Ebay.

    btw, i didn't get a bootleg, I got an official release. Stealing is wrong. Don't do drugs.
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    Originally Posted by wulf109
    I see the moderators on this form criticize warez and software hacks all the time but I don't remember seeing any critizisim when someone posts that they download a movie which is clearly copyright infringement. It's illegal to upload copyrighted material of anykind. Why do you think Napster is gone.
    It really just depends on which moderator reads it. I usually close all posts that say "I downloaded..." and all the ones that I find that have to do with movies that have yet to be released on video. It is really up to the individual moderator to make his/her choice on weather to close a topic or not. While we do have specific rules against somethings, other things are left solely to our own disgresion.
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  6. Nobody on this site copies rented movies everybody in here is a saint, everybody is a church going honest person, Yeah right.
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  7. Originally Posted by weeyoo

    1. kids - Once again DVD's are cheap, especially kid DVD's unless your
    kids are watching fight club. Otherwise put them out of their

    2. Multiple players (lame) - How many are watching the same movie at
    one time. (let's get better excuses)

    3. Roomates - If you are afraid they will steal your DVDs and other things
    more valuable, get new roomates.

    4. Rot - My DVD's are not rotting, in fact they will most likely at last the
    DVD player, case in point, the member above with lots of nice
    laserdiscs, no player.

    5. ....You left this one blank, I can only assume it is reserved for bad

    I'm not bashing anyone, but the thread starter brought up a valid point. There are more questions than answers.
    Weeyoo and others,
    I am an avid railfan and have gone to great lengths to obtain various railroad DVDs that were not only expensive (usually $30+), but were also a *pain* to obtain. Of course I'm going to back these up! Furthermore, a lot of these 'niche' titles have been released on DVD-Rs, which none of my decks will play properly, so conversion to CVD/SVCD is necessary to even watch them in the first place. Also, I have a portable DVD/VCD player I take on the road when I have to tour with my band, so in that case I'm *definitely* not taking any originals...they just don't last long in that kind of environment.

    So the answer is no, I don't go to Assbuster, I mean Buttbuster, oops, I mean Blockbuster to copy the latest Hollywood drivel. I have no need to see or hear the latest corporate garbage that's supposed to pass as entertainment, so I'm definitely not wasting 30-cent CDRs to copy any of it.

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  8. Originally Posted by mysterio1
    Nobody on this site copies rented movies everybody in here is a saint, everybody is a church going honest person, Yeah right.
    As I have said in the past, we don't care what members of the forum do, just if its illegal don't broadcast it on this forum.
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