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    I am new to the DVD world, and I hate how all the DVD's in stores are like $5 each. But then I found this. The brand is DVDPro. Never heard of it, but I always buy generic CD-Rs and they work fine....

    Has anyone bought this brand? Or any of the other brands on that site? I heard someone say Accu is a pretty good brand, and its listed as $0.90.

    I just need some help choosing a cheap format. Thanks.
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  2. I don't know about DVDpro, but the Accu brand from have always worked and in all machines I have tested it with.
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    I can also endorse the accu's from Using the advdinfo tool, one batch turned out to be rietek the other was lead data.

    both sets burned well in my pioneer 104 and played back fine in my apex 1500 player.

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  4. I checked your link and it seems you have to buy 500 and 500 cases to get that price. It looks like the cost of 100 (plus the cases) would be $1.05 each.

    DVDPro is mentioned in the DVDR Media list
    (Link to left <<====).

    The best ones on the list seem to be the 2x Ritek. ~$0.87 for 2x speed.
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  5. I tried a bunch of the DVDpro discs and they would not read on my APEX, nor would they read on my Pioneer DVD A104 writer after it was finished writing the darn thing. I returned the discs for a full credit and switched to Ritek brand and they've been great! I've not made a coaster and they all read on both my Apex DVD player and on my pc's DVD ROM
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  6. Stay with ritek I have used over 200 in my DMR-E20 without a problem yet and have played great in any stand alone DVD player except the APEX 1100. I get them for .87 cents ea for 100 or a buck ea if I order 50.
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