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  1. Anyone else experience this? I really like the idea and the feature to this new version, but when I load the mpg into the viewer, there is sound but no picture.

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance.....


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  2. I have two computers on a network, both running win2K. One does not show any picture, the other one does, even when reading the file over the network. I guess it is something to do with codecs installed, so am currently tring to find out how to get a list of installed codecs on each machine.

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  3. Update on above:

    I have tried on a laptop running Win98 and that also works OK.
    When installing, a note says not to email the author if you do not see a picture, as it may be a corrupt file, and if you can watch it in Media Player then you should see it.

    However the same file is seen on two machines, with different OS, and not in another. All have updated media player, and re-intalled codecs on the one not working, with no luck.

    Looks like my network is going to be busy transferring mpeg files across from the machine with the capture card, to the machine where vcdeasy gives a working picture...

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    I'm having the same problem. Still looking for solution.
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  5. This is down to the codec's you have installed on your machines. Like 'gab2001uk' I have a network of machines all running win2k. My server (win2k server) and workstation (win2k pro) don't display the image in VCDEasy, (also I can play MPEG-2 files in media player but I have no position slider control), but my portable (win2k pro) does display the image, (and I have have full control in media player).

    I'll be a squirrel with 3 ears and one leg if I can work out which codec I've installed on the portable to get this to work. Even more remarkable since I installed all the codec's from the same CD of codec's I have. Maybe it has something to do with installation order... dunno grabbing at straws on this one.

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