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  1. On 11/20 I e-mailed Panasonic to get an answer to the following question:

    I have a question about the dubbing process. It's clear that high-speed dubs from DVD-RAM to the hard drive and from the hard drive to DVD-RAM are digital dubs. Can you tell me whether dubs made in real-time are *also* digital, or are they analog?
    Here is Panasonic's reply, which I received today (11/29):

    Thank you for your inquiry regarding the Panasonic DMR-HS2 and dubbing. Any time you dub from the Hard Disk in the DMR-HS2 to a DVD-RAM or DVD-R it is done digitally.

    Best regards,
    Panasonic Customer Call Center
    Panasonic Customer Products 22
    Jim R.
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  2. Withdrawn
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  3. Although the HDD to DVD-R dub goes thru a D-A-D process, the PQ is still 10 times better than the VHS to VHS dub.
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