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  1. I own a one hour Photo Bus. And am now doing VHS transfers, I'm not sure which unit I need to be able to transfer to DVD. Not wanting the most expensive but one that is better than standard. Also I need SIMPLE operation for the staff to be able to use, like pop in a disc and hit record. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
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    as long as its not DV, you're in business w/ anything else. As DV color
    space is off the scale... well, its washed out to be exact.

    Anything you transfer via DV and Firewire - - don't go this route.

    If all else, use the old tried'n true, AVI capture or an hardware MPEG-2
    card or one of those DVD Writer units that burns as it captures. But, for
    the sake of your business, Never, and I mean Never go DV if you are
    transfering it from firewire from a DV device, be it a DV cam or anything
    Anyone tells you different, is simply in-expierenced or has not rastled
    long enough w/ AVI capturing to know the huge difference in DV AVI
    color vs. Analog Capture to AVI's color. They Don't Match!!

    A non-DV capture via Analog will give you an exact copy (color wise)
    but a DV transfer via firewire (DV's w/ built-in DV codecs) will not match
    your source.

    I suspect that ALL devices that carry hardware DV Codecs/chips suffer
    this phenominon, and to date, I have not found ANY true color correcter
    or true color re-mapping that would truely Match an Analog Capture's
    color space.

    People are brainwashed into this DV thing, being the greatest. Well, it's
    not. At least if you are for example, wanting to transfer your Satalite
    signal into DV and then to MPEG-2, all through firewire.

    The only time when DV doesn't screw up your source is when your source
    is already on your harddrive in an AVI format. Not DV AVI !!
    Example, if you used your Analog capture card to capture a TV program
    on Satalite or Cable or whatever, and you deside for some strange reason
    that you MUST encode or convert it to DV, then this is ok, and will not
    mess up your color, because there is not "Standard" being used that is
    built-into every DV chip, that will taint your color space. I suspect that
    ALL DV devices/chips adhir to strict DV specs or standards, that if you were
    to test ALL your DV devices, they would ALL produce the same result of
    this color washout look. So, I can't get any more anal than this.

    You've ben warned!! Stay away from processes that involves DV if you
    are going the Firewire route w/ DV in the middle.

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  3. I, being very new to this may have called it wrong . I have had many customers see the Phillips commercial on T.V. and then want to put their home movies (VHS) on CD. That is my first priority with this unit. Would the Phillips DVDR985 do that for me ? Thank You!
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    Hmm you may be in pretty big.

    Since you are using recordable DVD, do you request the make and model of the consumer's unit? or do you have a return policy.
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  5. That bad HUh . Why can't they make a standard for all companies to follow. I would think pretty bad of a company, if I had just bought a unit that wouldn't play.
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    Most of the places that do transfers send them away to a place with a DVD stamper.
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