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  1. Ok,
    I'm having some trouble finding the media i need. I have an older DVD player. I've come to the conclusion that it will only play VCD's & SVCD's if they are burned onto a CDR with a dark blue back. I always used the generic Verbatim's & they work perfectly. Well, i went to buy them again (1 year after my 1st purchase of them) and the dye on the back is now light green, and guess what ... vcd's & svcd's do not work. Can anyone help me out here in finding a brand of CDR that has a darker blue back??
    thanks in advance!
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    If you buy the cheap Verbatims they're the same as any other dirt-cheap CD spools you see in the store. The good Verbatims (Datalife Plus) should still have the "Super-Azo" dark-blue dye.
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