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  1. Hi...i'm pretty new at creating vcds....ok here's my problem...everything works fine with vcdeasy but here's the problem

    when i go to a chapter and want to forward to a point in the chapter it just starts over from the beginning of the there a way to forward to a point in a chapter and have it start from there?

    i would really appericate a reply...thanx all
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  2. come on people...i would really appereciate some help...please!!! thanx a bunch
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  3. The answer is no, unless you insert a new chapter at that point, which means you need to re-author your disc.
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  4. i have that problem too. Anybody got a solution?
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  5. anybody have any ideas what i can do...vcdwizard wont' let me do anything(i can't click the "finish" button). ANY help would be appericated.
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