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  1. I am new to this but I was just wondering what the difference between DVD-R and DVD+R is. I ripped a couple of backups of DVD'S with DVD-R's with no problem, but I can get a better deal on DVD+R's, would those still work as good, or is it better to use DVD-R's? Also, my burner only burns at 2x max, but I see some DVD+R's that burn at 2.4x. I know my burner can't burn at 2.4x, but does that mean the DVD "can" burn up to 2.4X, OR does that mean that it will only burn at 2.4x, and as a result, won't work? Any help would be appreciated.
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  2. i dont know what DVD Writer You have. Except SONY DRU500A or DRX500UL there is no drive that will burn DVD-R and DVD+R. there are only drives with DVD-R and DVD-RW or DVD+R and DVD+RW. The disc that says supports 2.4 will burn at lover speed as far as i Know.
    Baskaran Swamiappan
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  3. Thank you for your response. It was very helpful. It seems as though the DVD-R is a more popular format as I have seen when comparisons of the disks are made, DVD-R is used about five times more then DVD+R. I do have the Sony DRU-500a, got it for a good price as CompUsa at a discounted rate because the guy worked in the corporate department and held the very last one they had. When I got there he was cool and hooked me up with a 10% discount. Can't beat that for this Burner. It is amazing and has burned everything extremely flawlessly, except my very first memorex disk which I found out later on here was terrible media. I used TDK all the way and had no problems. I just purchased a 15 spindle of the Verbatim DVD+R's because there was a sale on them at best buy. Hopefully they work as flawlessly as the TDK's. I will find out soon. Thanks again for your reply.
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  4. I own the panasonic DMR-E20 which uses the -R media so far its made copie as good or better than a burner, I just ordered a HP200XI for $288, free shipping, no payments for 90 days with a 30 day return policy, thought I'd give it a try, I would like to have bought formats so far the +R media been about a $1 to $2 more, but the prices keep dropping on that also can get a 25 pack Primdiscs for $49, not to bad a price can get the +RW media at compusa for $7 ea. the 2.4x on the +R is the min. speed, they say ir can burn faster than that with HP new firmware upgrade, some people are burning a full disc in as little as 15 minutes and thats not bad my friends pioneer A04 is taking him 35-40 mimutes to burn a -R, there are plus and munus on both formats, with your sony you got it both covered, to bad though about sony HP offers a Bitsetting program to change how a +R and +RW is read so it can be more compatable with more DVD Players, try this web site out for more info on the +RW format.
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