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    Lal,,,Rather than drag up this OLD topic, you could have freely opened a new one. Seems someone took a dislike to my GUIDE for error free ANALOG capture through burn. I have always had to have predictable results.

    For digital you will need

    1 Computer sufficient to handle the job ( I will not go into it here)
    1 FIREWIRE CARD for digital capture - Cheapest route - Cost about 20 dollars.

    Some capture software that captures to AVI(best result). If you do not have any then the other steps may be difficult BUT you can use DVIO found here in tools. It is free. No bells or whistles.

    Plug firewire into camera. Plug into computer. Turn on camera. Let windows detect the device. Your set.

    Now run your capture. Point it to a free drive with lots of space - NOT YOUR C: DRIVE !

    Okay, you have captured. Now you have a BIG DV AVI file. About 10 to 12 gig for 1 hour. But to prepare it for DVD you have to convert to MPEG2 then DVD format. Well, sorry to say, MPEG 2 encoders are not generally free but they can be had cheap. For the least expensive and easiest, try DVD Movie Factory by ULEAD. It will explain it from there...
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    Thank you very much for the info.

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