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  1. I see CompUSA has the WinTV PVR USB model for $199. I assume this unit use the same card as the PCI version? Also, downloading the VCD file from the French site, the VCD file was excellent (no audio). Sharp details and no blocks! Can someone confirm the high quality of VCD capture with the WinTV PVR (USB)? I don't care much for the MPEG-2 quality, just the direct to VCD quality.

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    There should be no diff other then the fact that it USB
    And as for I know there is no Win2000 drivers.
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  3. When I first bought the PVR card I was disappointed with the quality. First Hauppauge improved the colours with updated drivers which was great, but if you go to the American site and download the latest beta drivers then VCD quality is much improved too.

    My Video CD of The Hidden is very good quality even on my 47 inch widescreen TV. Hauppauge also appear to have vastly improved the audio sync drifting that used to occur too. No doubt they'll still have some tweaks to make before the driver is an official release but so far it's looking very good.

    Only problem I have is that my new Pinnacle Studio 7.0 software doesn't recognise the card for direct capture even though it's meant to be able to. Damn..
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