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  1. Just purchased my Cendyne burner (same as Pioneer A04) and am now looking for media. Running into some confusion on Ebay though as most of the sellers don't tend to list the recording speed on their auctions. Some do refer to their product as "Compatible with DVD-R Ver. 2.0" but I don't know if that means it is 2X recordable or something else. It seems to me that if it were 2X they would say so.

    Also want to throw in a plug for the CyberHome 500 DVD Player. I researched it on this site and bought one from Best Buy the next day with free shipping (they also have an in store pick-up option). Not even considering the ultra low price (less than $90 tax and all) this player is amaizing. Reads every kind of disc except DVD+R, has MP3 playback with long file name recognition, and plenty of output jacks. My only complaint is that it comes only in silver and the rest of my system has black components.
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    its buyer beware buying media on ebay ... there is a lot of second quality media around and also some improperly stored (heat)
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