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  1. Hi all

    I am considering buying either the Panasonic DMR HS2 or E30. However I'm unsure as to what the main differences are between the two. A feature that I really want is the ability to record AVI / DivX movies from my PC. I understand that the HS2 has a FireWire socket so presumably I could use this to record movies from my PC, although I'm not sure as to how or if it would work. Just a few questions I have if anyone could help answer them:-

    1) Does the E30 also have a PC connection such as FireWire?

    2) Does the E30 also have a hard disk?

    3) Does anyone know how to record movies from a PC using FireWire? Is it as easy as just making the connection and playing the movie on the PC while recording on the DVD recorder? Will I need any software to enable the audio and sound from my PC to be transported over the FireWire connection or does it just automatically get transfered when FireWire is connected? I ask this question because normally when I play a movie on my PC with Media Player e.g. the output is to the PC monitor and earphones socket - is there also an Audio/Video output at my PC FireWire socket?

    Any help greatly appreciated

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    I have a E-30 and love it, so far. It does NOT have a firewire input on it like the HS2. The more expensive HS2 has a hard-disk and firewire. It also cost 50% more.

    So far I am using my E-30 to record DVDs and my computer burnner to copy them.

    What I hope to do someday is add a HS2 or similar later so I can dub between DVD recorders like I can with VHS tapes now, only with better quality. However dubbing between DVD recorders can not be expected to give the same quality as making a digital clone/copy with a burnner.

    I hear there are limits on transfering from hard-disk to DVD-r media. That would be something I would have to look into before taking the plunge.

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