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  1. (1) Can anyone tell me the difference between "dubbing" and "transferring" to and from the HS2? The Manual doesn't really explain it very well.

    (2) It seems pretty clear that high-speed dubbing is digital, but does anyone know whether the real-time dubs are digital?
    Jim R.
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  2. 1) I could be wrong but I think "dubbing" is akin to copying and "transferring" is to moving.

    2) HDD -> DVD-R dubbing employs D-A-D encoding so it not 100% digital (that is why dubbing can only be done in real time since the video has to be reencoded).

    HDD -> DVD-RAM real time dubbing is used when the video is reencoded, say from XP (HDD) to LP (DVD-RAM). So although the video stays in the digital domain, the video still suffers another encoding.
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