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  1. Hi,

    I recorded a movie in 39 .avi parts of 500 MB each. Then I used Tmpegenc to create vcd compliant MPEG streams. The next step should be the merging of the 39 mpg files into two which fit a cd. When I use Tmpegenc to merge, at the end of the movie video and sound get out of sync (ca. 1 sec) but VCDEasy is able to create chapters for this (joined)stream. Then I used several other MPEG Joiners to avoid getting out of sync, but VCDEasy is then unable to create chapters for these files and the length of the movie shown in VCDEasy is only the length of the first merged file. So I guess the joiners don't correct the header of the resulting file. I then found a program called MPEG-Corrector which should do exactly what the names says but VCDEasy (and TMpegenc) cannot open the corrected file.

    OK, now I'm lost. How can I join my MPEG files and the create standard VCD chapters?

    Thank you Andreas.
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  2. You were wrong in the first step and you played catch-up all game long. You should never encode segmented AVIs to separate MPEG files, unless when it's absolutely necessary and you know what you are doing. Use VirtualDub or Avisynth to splice those segmented AVIs and frameserve and encode to one MEPG file. Do not do any unnecessary cutting and joining, because things can screw up very easily, just like your case.

    A joined file is not the same as the one encoded continuously, especially as seen by some authoring programs. So always encode your stream continuously and do not cut or join unless it's absolutely necessary. Or do your joining and cutting before encoding......
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