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  1. Are any of these for sale? And about how much are they and where can I get them?
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  2. No, not unless you can find double sided media (means turning the disc over, and you cant label it). But if you are talking about more than 4.7GB on one side, no such thing at the moment.
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  3. Lets say they did come out with a DVD+R or -R that held more than 4.7 gigs your current DVD Burner could not use it, if they came out say with 7.0 gig DVD Discs then there would have to be a DVD Burner produced to burn that disc also, I seriuoly doubt it will happen anyway, look for the next jump in DVD Buners to be Blue ray, 25 gigs, 50 gigs, now your talking space. No time soon either, a few more snags to iron out before even thinking mass producing for the general public yet.
    IF thats really a conern for you DVD-R has 9.4 gig dual side discs, that would require you to get up and flip the disc and I see no future yet for side changers in DVD Players, dual sided would have to drop way in price and become the norm 1st, before any major manufacturer would produce a side changing DVD Player.
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