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  1. people i know,and myself who have the pioneer 104 (uk) burner,have all had problems with finding the right media,bulkpaq's stuck towards the end of a movie,whitelabel the same,datasafe the same,dvd-master (best so far) but still the same,superior the same,ive wasted money on blank dvd-r's trying to find the perfect one,but so far i can report that not one brand will play on all players correctly,my alba 108.cheapest player in argos,plays them all,give one to your mate,he has problems,its a no win situation.


    ive been told by some traders at comp fairs that labeling is the problem,inbalancing of the disc,cant say i agree,i have discs with no labels on that stick.

    my friend went to the same fair,same bloke told him "the problems nero mate" it controls the burning even if its not the program being used.not sure on that one.

    someone also told me that encoding the source with a variable bitrate instead of fixed is the key,tried it with a film that stuck,re encoded it with tmpgenc 2pass VBR,authored in spruceup,burnt titleset with instantcd,worked fine! at last i thought same film,same discs,one works(vbr) one doesnt,gave them to a friend to try,both worked! so no breakthrough again,each time you think youve sussed it out,you get crapped on ,burnt the file again on the same brand of disc,froze again towards the end!,so to recap two identical burns one after the other,one worked the other didnt,why?


    i think there's a conspiracy,either the burners haven't been fully perfected yet and are causing problems,or media cant be made yet that works as it is supposed to,these people know this ,yet still want your money.i think i will hibernate for 6 months then see what dvd-r is the current "this ones the best mate" and give it a go.

    the truth is out there.
    won't somebody tell?
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  2. Um, there's no conspiracy, but there appears to be a lot of misinformation...

    DVD-R discs (DVD-RW and DVD+R/W media are in the same boat) simply are not as compatible as standard pressed DVDs.

    It depends on the actual drive as to whether or not it can read any particular blank (if it isn't rated to read recordable DVD media).

    Michael Tam
    w: Morsels of Evidence
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