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  1. Since it's not a heavily advertised feature, I was wondering if some of the board dwellers might help compile a small list here of DVDR media that comes with NO LABELS on the disc, and where you can purchase it (website? store?).

    Thanks! Just getting into DVDR and even the most elementry piece of info would probably help and would be greatly appreciated.
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    "Unbranded" media is typically unlabeled... For instance if you get regular TDK discs they have some silk screening (or whatever) on them, but the unbranded version is the same disc with nothing on top.

    As far as I know, a lot of the cheapo brands like princo and optodisc are unbranded, especially in the spindles. Discs packaged individually may be more likely to be labeled.

    Essentially, any brand can be labeled or not. You need to look at the specs when you buy the discs... they'll often say "unbranded" or "inkjet printable" or something to the effect meaning that they are blank on top. There are numerous links in the media section, so you'll find plenty of information by inspecting the sites before you buy. If it's unclear what the type of media is, shop somewhere else.

    Also remember that most people shop by brand first... since low quality media can cause problems in some players.
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  3. Unbranded! That's the magic word. I typed that in Google and got exactly what I was looking for. Thanks!
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