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    Is there any way I can burn movies I have downloaded from the net to cd and play them back through my PlayStation 2? Do I need to get my PS2 Mod chipped? Or is there no way I can do this??? What about X-Box, can it be done for X-Box???
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  2. For movies in DVD format, no modchips is require to play it on PS2. Problem is I still haven't found a media that work well with PS2 for movies. DVD-R media i used work fine for PS2 games but not for DVD movies.
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  3. You can burn PS2 games? How do you do that?
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  4. Maybe you should try Samsung's BeAll media. It says it is compatible with PS2. You can get it from . I haven't tried it yet, but I might get some soon.
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  5. I've used "LEDA" aka "Princo" DVD-R media (real cheap stuff), and had no problems with my PS2.

    I also tried DVD-R/W but it couldn't read that.

    There are several different flavors of PS2, i have a "version 4".

    Check "the Ghost's" user comments in the "DVD Players" section for a rundown of the different versions.
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  6. I also use Prince ones with white top. movie kept freezing and jumping on PS2, i have version 5 ps2
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  7. I don't think all of The Ghost's information is correct. I have version 2 according to him, but it won't play the DVD-RW that I made.
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  8. Your solution,

    Burn with Prassi Primo DVD 2.0

    Use Verbatim Datalife Plus as your media.

    Your DVD-R films will now play and also copy games on your playstation 2 if (chipped) perfectly. 8)
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