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  1. higuys just wanted to tell people how i make my dvd back ups and maybe someone can fne tune what i do and make it even quicker
    ok i like my dvds with menus so i do it this way! i used to use ifo edit etc but time is not a problemwith me with 1 pc dedicated to dvd encoding and burning i like to experiment ok here we go 'u need smart ripper , dvd maestro and nero or any other dvd burning programs! and power dvd !
    ok rip movie into hd in m2v and ac3 streams format goto stream processing and selct demux to extra file
    then with disc in player play disc and when menu comes up on screen capture it with win dvd so u have a bitman pic of menu screen
    then load m2v and ac3 streams into dvd maesteo and load menu pic as well from there u can make ure chapter points and menu and burn maestro is very easy if u can master spruce up then ull have no probs! ok so thats how u do it if the files need re encoding m2v then re encde with cce or tmpeg then do the same thing! if anyone can point out any other ways thenthat would be greatbut it only takes about 1 hr or so using 2x media !ok thanks enjoy
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  2. The best guide I can recommend for doing such a procedure would be Trilight's:

    This way you're keeping the animated menu and not just background stills. Plus, the whole thing is already authored. All you need to do is drop your vobs back into the layout.
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