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  1. im about to make a purchase for a collectable item, it is a vhs that i have been looking for forever! its in australia and the guy said he didnt think we could play it here. n e one know the deal can i play it? how?
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  2. Question, where exactly is 'here' for you?
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  3. Remember, Australian videos / DVDs are going to be in PAL.

    The US uses the NTSC broadcast system and from comments, it would seem that your local equipment is very much deficient in handling different standards...

    If you don't have a VHS player that can convert PAL --> NTSC on the fly or a multisystems TV, then you won't be able to play a PAL VHS tape...

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  4. damn! thanx , yes im in the us.!
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    you could buy a PAL VCR.
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  6. There are companies here in Australia that do NTSC to PAL conversion and vice versa, don't know if you have those sorts of facilities available to you or not but I guess you could always have it converted here first and then sent over. I know from experience how hard it is to find anything PAL related in the States. Just out of interest, what is the title that you are after?
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  7. the title is a slipknot vhs. i collect there memorabilia and they only released a few of the "live at the dynamo" and only released in the east!
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  8. Many VCR are pal/ntsc compat. it is a special feature but not that uncommon. try some uk shops eg etc or far eastern. Also many TV are now ablke to cope with ntsc and pal.
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