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    I've been unable to get Force ASPI to work and for some reason, Adaptec is not finding its software on my machine. I need the ASPI 4.71 in order to get the VCD easy software to work. Can anyone walk me through this?

    I've been throu all of the newbie guides and it doesn't seem to have the answers.

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  2. Are you sure you need 4.71? I use VCDeasy with the 4.6 ASPI. There are problems with the 4.71 some say.

    I used the software on this link

    To force the system back to 4.6 ASPI drivers. Once I did that VCDeasy recognized my device but with 4.71 it would not. The I had the change a setting. Not at home right now so I can't look but it was something like ???-mmc (the software recommended a change so it leads you to this setting). Also remember to hit the down arrow next to the box for the burn device it may say no devoce but yours may be on the list that is hidden.

    Go here and get the latest ASPI 4.71.2 and unzip this to a folder. Run the file Aspichk.exe

    This will show you what version you have for all ASPI drivers. With the force above that worked for me they were all 4.60. What did not work for me was:

    First line 4.71
    second 4.60
    third 4.60
    fourth 4.71

    Have to go to a meeting hope this helps
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