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  1. Lucky PC users can download this old but professional level software for free:

    It is what apparently most commercial vcd's where made with for a very long time. It was put out by philips/optimage.

    There was a mac version, but alack and alas it is _nowhere_ (I've been searching) to be found. The icdia site mirrors all the old philips/optimage/pmpro stuff including all the mac info and even a tantalizing download area:

    But no VCD 2.0 Toolkit for the mac

    This is the holy grail of mac-vcd people, lets find it and help mac-users have access to the same free-tool that PC users have!!

    More links and screen shots:
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  2. Hi all.

    Well I guess my rallying cry didn't do much to stir the troops

    Failing that - Is anyone creating vcd's on the mac with menus, chapters, etc? Does anyone care? Any suggestions? I downloaded the PC version of VCD 2.0 toolkit and ran it in Virtual PC, but couldn't get it to accept any of my mpegs - has anyone had any success with this route?

    Has anyone heard of any software in development that might bring these abilities to the mac?
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  3. as said in other posts, Query iDiscWriter for Mac allows for menu creation.. however that software is no longer for sale so it's not easy to find it.. anyway it does exists.
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