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    I was in Sam's Club yesterday afternoon, Monday, November 11, 2002. This is the Sam's Club in Katy, TX (just west of Houston). They have Verbatim DVD+RW in the 10 pack for $26.52. Regular jewel cases, Verbatim name all over them. Burned perfectly in my Sony DRU-500A, and played back perfectly in my Apex 3201 and Pioneer 434 stand alone DVD players.
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  2. Yes!

    I went down to my Sam's Club up here in New England.
    They have the DVD+RW you described AND a 12 pack of DVD+R
    for $24. That's $2 a piece... Not half bad for a retail shop...
    Plus you don't have to pay shipping and wait for the things...

    I checked Sam's right after I got my Sony DRU500A, but they
    didn't have any DVD recordables... They must have just gotten
    them in stock.

    Thanks for the heads-up Henry.
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    Hi guys,

    I went to the local Sam's Club here in SE Michigan. I did not find any trace of DVD+R/RW disks or drive. I also didn't find any DVD+R/RW disks or drives on Sam's Club web site.

    What's up with that?
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