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  1. OK I have a 734 MB MPEG1 file that I want to burn.

    I began with edit/cut it in TMPEGenc. The problem I had there was that after 11 minutes there is no audio in the edited version.
    I tried demulti and multiplexing, didnt work. I tried mpg corrector, didnt work either, still same problem.

    So I tried VCDEasy but it ignored most of the file.
    Under MPEG tools i analysed the file and got the following warnings:

    unknown user data tag id 0x65 encountered (not a problem, most likely caused by a specific MPEG encoder)

    mpeg scan: pack header code (0x000001ba) expected, but 0x9f081e01 found (buflen = 2324)

    bad packet at packet #18967 (stream byte offset 44079308) -- remaining 726580008 bytes of stream will be ignored

    The bad packet warning seems to be the problem. Any ideas what I could do to fix the file. It plays perfectly as it is now only it is too big to burn.
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    I suggest loading the file into Gold Wave, and see if the entire audio is there. If it is, save it as a wave file, and mux it with the original video.
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