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    I was wondering if anyone tested the xvcds created with the ATI Radeon after using the registry fix on a DVD player that doesn't play XVCDs. I would like to know if the DVD player accepted the XVCD video as a VCD. I know it works on DVD players that accept XVCD, what I am wondering about is the ones that specify it must be a compliant VCD.

    One more thing I was wondering is there a way to have the Radeon card and another video card co-existing in the same system. I have a Voodoo 3 TV card that I like to use for game play and the Radeon for video capture. My question is is there a way to disable one for the other when needed. I noticed there were no selections for disabling either card in the device manager.
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  2. I remember reading that those MMC "psuedo" compliant VCD's will work on some DVD players that dont support regular XVCD's ... search this discussion board for more info.

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