As of today, my computer can no longer play/read/explore vcd's burned by vcd easy/cdrao. I have a vcd burned by nero which works. I have a standalone dvd player which does play the vcds burned by vcd easy.

Yesterday, I watched a vcd burned by vcd easy. I was interrupted in the middle of watching, so I decided this afternoon to watch the rest. It would no longer play. Neither would any other vcd's burned by vcdeasy/cdrao combination. I cannot explore these cd's. If I try to open/read the d:\ drive, error box pops up and says 'd:\ not accessible. Incorrect function'. From the Windows2000 commandline, if I type 'd:' it says 'Incorrect function'.

What did I do between yesterday and this afternoon? I uninstalled wmplayer7.1 with the intention of installing series 9 beta. That's the only thing I remember doing that may have this effect. Attempts to reinstall wmplayer7.1 (aside from meeting with other weird errors) did not fix the problem. Neither did installing 9 beta.

What could it be? There is a slew of other things I have to explain on this topic, but it would take a book to write and no one wants to wade through all that. In short, I've also had problems with advpack.dll. Any help?