hey everyone!
i read everything i could in this site about burning, but before i do so (and not to loose a cdr), i would appreciate if someone could helkp me with some little questions. i'll try to explain as best as i can, but please note that my first language is not english, so...

well, for what I understood, to burn dvd movies I can use a 700 MB/80 minutes cd-r (HP) like the one I use to burn music, right? and with this cd can I record all the movie in one cd, or do I have to cut movie in half?

the program I'll use is vcdeasy. If I have to cut the movie in half (as I read some people did, but I don't knoe the lengh of the cd they used), does this program tells you to insert another cd after it used the first one, or you have to cut the movie before and burn it as two different films?

my computer has 2 diferent drives, one to listen to music/cd-r and other to burn music (well, I use for it). my question is if this second drive can be used as the one to burn dvds. I read some people bought a dvd burner, would this last one be the equivalent? I know it burns music...

and finally, i have lots of movies downloaded from kazaa. i can burn this movies using cdeasy, right? as well as other peoples original dvds (like my cousinīs that has a lot), right? but they are 2 different processes, like if I take the dvd from somebody else, I have to "download" it to my hard drive and then burn it. is that right?

thanks everyone, and sorry for all the question.
take care!