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  1. Where I can get 99mins cdr from?
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  2. do a search on google thats where i found a website
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  3. I trying that, it came up with a UK company,and they dont ship to you know of hand what site?
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  4. CompUSA! You may not find them online but they always have them at the store!
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    Search Comp PM
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  6. Always at the store?? Ya right!! Our comp usa has never had them.
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  7. Member vhelp's Avatar
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    Search Comp PM

    have you all tried Circuit City, Walmart, K-Mart, BJ's, CompUSA for cheap

    Sometimes, when I just need a few RW's, I'll just pick up a quick 25pk
    for, else if I'm looking to speed up a project, I'll head on down to CompUSA
    and get their 50pk for $11 bucks!!

    But, be warned, as some CompUSA 25pk and/or 50pk will only be 8x
    And, to be honest w/ you all, I didn't really find much of a speed difference
    from an 8x to 12x and 12x is what I usually use in CDRs.

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  8. IN the Uk you can get 100min CDr from
    or from
    Has anybody used these to make svcd or VCD??
    I am about to take shipment and I would hate to think my DVDplayer wont be able to play them
    I know my CDrw is compat coz it sez so on their site
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