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  1. Changes From Nero to

    Bug Fixes:

    Used space of Video CD is now shown correctly
    Fixed write speed display for some DVD/CD-RW drives in combination with some media
    Fixed audio compilation pause values changing when switching between Nero/NeroExpress
    Fixed problem for creating ISO images from DVDs with more than 4GB of data and added the possibility to split these images if stored on file systems which do not support files larger than 4GB
    Nero Express: Fixed problem for multisession copies with some source CD


    Added several new recorders

    Release date: October 31st, 2002

    I'm not sure new nero support Sony DRU500A. They didn't mention and their supported recorder page doesn't show DRU500 but maybe they didn't update yet.
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    Search Comp PM supported my DRU500A. supports my DRU500A.

    It allows me to use all fuctions and all media types.
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  3. I'm very happy with Nero 5590 and its upgrade to

    I have done mostly DVD+RW. Flawless performance

    SVCD &VCD with limited success but the pitfalls may be my DVDPlayer.

    I'm more interested with hands-on experiences and any reported bugs than the list of fixes in relation to the latest Nero

    Nero has a long history of bugs and the 5590 is the only version I recommend.

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  4. will this version make DVD that can be play on all receivers? I made 2 DVDs, 1 with, 1 with and after replication (professionally pressed DVD), they cannot be played on some receivers.
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    Search Comp PM
    this new nero has been out for 5 days! 8)
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